Workshop information

Easy & Great with the Power of 8 – A playful hero’s journey with monsters, power creatures and strong children to resolve anxieties and obstacles with young people

My workshop is about the intertwining of hypnotherapy, a self-help tapping technique, and gameplay to an individual hero’s journey. On their tour through four countries (Power Land, Problem Land, Country of Well-Being, Country of Happiness), the travellers dive into a world full of fairytale adventures, stories, and encounters in search of their inner treasures, accompanied by magical methods and materials.

While playing, we pick up the young people in their lifeworld and meet them on equal terms. The format of a game conveys a trusting atmosphere full of curiosity and competence. This not only results in a good rapport between client and therapist, but also in a great willingness of those affected to open up verbally and non-verbally, and to face their fears and problems. For everyone involved, this makes work much easier.

Hypnotical self-esteem-training, Power-of-8 cards, and short trances support the utilization and anchoring of rediscovered resources. A self-help tapping method and ego-state therapy with self-designed hand puppets encourage the travellers to face their personal Anxiety- or Problem-Monsters. Taming them, i.e. reducing anxieties and obstacles, leads to new ways and helpful solutions. Embodiment tools, magic, and other solution-focused, age-appropriate offers support further improvement of self-esteem, ease, and confidence. The regained self-efficacy results in the satisfaction of basic needs and thus in the unfolding of inner potential.

The therapeutic process proves not only to be an effective instrument for positive relationship building, but also it is, in fact, valuable support for the family system when they set off together.

Through short lectures, exercises, and case studies, you discover new connections of proven creative methods for individual therapy processes. Back home you’ll have a backpack full of practical and detailed instructions, and valuable suggestions for your daily work with young people and their systems.

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